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This fraud alert is updated frequently. Check back often for the latest scams, shams, and con artist profiles.


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Fraud Watch:

The Tax Scammers are all over the web.  You can recognize a tax scammer because he will tell you absolutely anything you want to hear to get your money.  He will tell you that:

 1.  You can file an exempt or inflated W-4 and that using his techniques the IRS cannot collect taxes from you.  He may also have letters that you can send to the employer to eliminate withholding.

2.   He will handle all your dealings with the IRS and you don’t have to worry or have any concern, you will have a tax free life.

3.  If the IRS is already on your case, he will tell you that he can delay the IRS for five years or more and that by that time the IRS will have lost your file. Although he may delay your case, the IRS will not lose your file, especially once it realizes you have a conman on the line.  When the hammer falls, it will fall even harder.

4.  He may take your power of attorney, even though he cannot legally represent you, and write letters to the IRS for you.  You are responsible to explain the content of the letters if the IRS ever attacks you.  So you had better understand he is sending on your behalf.

5.  There are also offer-in-compromise scammers.  The IRS rejects 85% of offers in compromise.  That doesn’t prevent attorneys and CPAs from charging you thousands of dollars to file offers in compromise that they know are frivolous. 


There are three columns on this page. I suggest you read each one of them very carefully. The information contained on this page will save you a lot of misery in the long-run. Please remember that you are inclined to believe what the conmen say because when you have a tax problem, it causes you a lot of stress. Trust me when I tell you that these quick fixes are fanciful and dangerous. You will lose more than you already have lost by paying them money now and paying even more money later. AND, you will still have a tax problem.

Think of it this way: Most of these guys are telling you that you don't have to pay tax, but at the same time telling you that you have to give them thousands and thousands of dollars to not pay tax. Aren't you then still paying tax by giving them money for nothing. THINK ABOUT IT!


Be sure to check my Blog for the latest updates. I will try to make an entry at least once a week. Most importantly, hang in there and always FIGHT SMART!

If you want to view some video footage of me speaking on tax issues nearly 20 years ago, go to the anti-irs newsletters page.



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Welcome to the FRAUD ALERT page.

This is where you will find portraits of some of the worst people in the freedom movement.
Be Warned!! They are all weasels, slimy creatures of the sub-culture who will take your money without conscience.  What a shame that weasels and tax gurus go together... like spaghetti and meatballs... like Abbott and Costello... or perhaps more like Al Capone and Eliot Ness. I am constantly cleaning up their messes, and these weasels therefore sometimes take pot shots at me. Be sure to recognize them when you smell them. Just use your best judgement. 

How about the IRS Master File Scam?

But IMF sounds so good!

What's it all mean? IMF...?

Impossible Missions Force -- Those cool spies from that late 60's early 70's TV show? Or how about International Monetary Fund? Those questionable money-crats that make equally questionable loans?

Not quite. We're talking about the IRS Master File argument.
The so-called IRS "code busters" have a great story for sale. The problem is that it is based on faulty logic and it won't work.  They claim that computer codes on your IMF show that people don't have to pay tax. The problem is that computer codes, no matter what they stand for, are not the law. The law is made by the courts of appeals and there are no courts of appeals cases that take the position these scammers take. 

The IMF code theories were litigated back in the 1980s.
I was one of the original individuals that raised many of these issues in
They don't work. For example, I saw individuals convicted of tax evasion even though the IRS witness testified that the MFR-01 on the Individual Master File meant the defendant didn't have to file returns.

These "code buster guys are great talkers, but their legal arguments do not work. Don't believe them!

Sharpen your Baloney Detector

Hi there web browser!  If you have made it to my website, you are probably sort of interested in the tax situation.  I have been fighting the IRS for over 25 years and I have thousands of hours of experience in the ring with the government tiger.

I also have watched the unbelievable growth of conmen who are selling gibberish to the innocent public.  The people are fed up with the income tax and it is time for change.  However, many unscrupulous people have discovered that it is possible to make a lot of money selling nonsense to people who are sick of the income tax system.

You might be asking yourself:  How do I tell if someone is feeding me garbage that will get me in trouble?

That is a good question.  If you are asking that question, you are thinking in the right direction. You can’t be expected to understand this stuff if you haven’t had the opportunity to study it for many years.  The conmen grab a bit of fancy lies and then they baffle you with baloney and it sounds good and you want to believe it. The Internet has made it possible for an unlimited number of conmen to sell tax gibberish.  It takes a small investment and the ability to sound convincing on the phone for these conmen to operate.  To protect yourself, you must learn to detect baloney. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the guru telling me what I want to hear?
  2. Is the guru playing on my sense of greed?
  3. Is the guru telling me something that seems too good to be true?
  4. Does the guru’s product depend on his secret knowledge of tax law that attorneys and lawyers do not understand?
  5. Is the guru basing his theory on his understanding of the law or on a discussion of the law by a Circuit Court of Appeals?
  6. Is the guru telling me that a wage earner can simply file an exempt W-4 using his special information and the IRS will just leave him alone and let him take all his tax money home?
  7. Is the guru alleging that individuals and employers can file claims for a refund of taxes based on his argument and that the IRS will refund all their money?
 If you ask the above questions and search for good answers, you will be able to get an idea of the truth or validity of the guru’s approach.

You need some facts in order to develop your baloney detector.

  • You live in the most powerful country in the history of the world.  This country is funded by an income tax that is enforced by the most powerful and abusive tax agency in the history of the world.
  • The IRS has indicted and incarcerated hundreds of individuals in the past 25 years who have filed exempt W-4 forms and “zero returns.
  • The IRS does not give refunds because it agrees with the individuals who file zero returns.  The IRS gives refunds because of computer or operator error.  It also gives refunds to groom individuals for criminal cases.
  • The IRS is not responsible for the information it gives you.  Even if you rely on information given to you by the IRS, the IRS can still indict you and seize your assets and garnish your wages.
  • The IRS will indict some of the gurus that are selling “detaxing” type information.  Some gurus will leave the country and they will be happily living in Costa Rica while the IRS is seizing your home and your cars and garnishing your wages. You might even be sitting in a federal pen while the guru is getting a suntan off your hard earned money.
  • If the guru really had secret information that would get people out of paying their taxes, the information would have become public long before you ever heard of it.
  • Tax law is not based on your interpretation of a statute or the interpretation of some guru who is selling you a package of gibberish.  Tax law is based on interpretations by Circuit Courts of Appeals.  The IRS always follows the interpretation, which is most beneficial to the IRS. 
  • If a guru cannot quote a Court of Appeals case in your specific jurisdiction that agrees with his interpretation of the tax law, then the issue is experimental and you should not rely on the guru’s information.
With all that in mind, what can you do to protect yourself? Consider the following and make a decision. 

  1. If the guru is playing on your sense of greed, he is a conman.

  2. If the guru is telling you stuff that seems to good to be true then it is probably not true.
  3. If the guru is telling you that he has a special packet of information that you can use to defeat the IRS, he is a conman.  There is no such thing.  For example the tax statement that Global Prosperity says you can send to the IRS that will get you out of your taxes is a complete hoax. The IRS will ignore it. The 16th Amendment packet sold by “Judge” Rizzo of Global Prosperity is a scam because there are three courts of Appeals cases that state the 16th Amendment was properly ratified.  If you have been ripped off in the Global Prosperity Scam, please give me a call. The gibberish sold by the Joy Foundation and Lynn Meredith is a scam.  Many individuals who have followed the tactics of Irwin Schiff and Lynn Meredith have spent time in the federal penitentiaries.  If you file an exempt W-4 or inflate or eliminate deductions in other ways, there is a very good chance the IRS will eventually garnish your wages and seize your assets.  Each year is a new year and your employer will send in a W-2.  The IRS will note that you have not paid taxes through withholding and will have a new opportunity each year to assess you under 26 USC 6020(b).  If you do not file a return there is no statute of limitations on assessment. The IRS can assess you many years later.
  4. The IRS may proceed criminally against you.
  5. If you give someone who purports to have magic letters your power of attorney, you will immediately be put on the top of the IRS harassment list once the individuals start sending in the letters.  The IRS simply makes a list of all the people that have given power of attorney to the specified individual and makes a priority of attacking them.
  6. IRS procedures take many years.  Typically it can take the IRS six or more years to catch you if you do follow the advice of a conman.  It looks like you are winning the battle, but the IRS can then come out of nowhere and assess you.  The IRS can assess you for back taxes plus interest and penalties for all those years. The IRS can seize your home, your bank accounts and your wages and contrary to the opinion of the gurus, the IRS doesn’t need a court order to do these things. If the IRS is very quiet on your case, it might have an active criminal investigation.  The IRS stops all civil harassment procedures when it proceeds criminally.

Now your baloney detector should be well developed.  Please don’t buy a magic packet from a conman.  It will be a waste of money and it has a good chance to bring you a lot of misery.  Cool Click the icon to go to the top of the page.


Summary of the Dangers of Offer in Compromise

In short, the IRS rejects 85% of Offers in Compromise. This is because there are many individuals who will tell you what you want to hear, take your money, and file an unreasonable offer in compromise for you.  It is possible to do a successful offer in compromise but you have to be very careful and the offer in compromise is not a magical solution.  The IRS is still going to want at least a part of its pound of flesh.  Also, even if the Feds accept an offer in compromise, there is no guarantee that the state will accept the offer in compromise.  If you have an offer accepted, you must pay taxes and file returns for the next five years or the IRS will cancel the offer in compromise and you will be right back where you were before.  Call me if you wish to discuss these issues.


Bill Conklin
3296 Raleigh St.
Denver, Colorado 80212
You can call Bill at (303) 455-0837; or FAX him at (303) 480-1799. If you have IRS hassles, call Bill Conklin. He specializes in the removal of IRS wage levies.

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Irwin Schiff

Irwin Schiff

If you want to know
what this convicted felon's
advice is worth,
just consider the source.

His advice has gotten
numerous people into
a lot of trouble.
Schiff is the number 2 fraudster,
dropped from the number 1 slot due
to incarceration. He is now in the
federal pen.


Number Three in the fraudster department is "Judge" Rizzo, busted by the feds on April 5, 2003!

Rizzo ranks right next to, if not a bit below, Mottahedeh, in my opinion. I guess the feds think so, too, now that they finally busted this con man. I don't know which is worse: a former legal eagle scamming people (Rizzo) or a wanna be legal eagle scamming people (Mottahedeh). They're both bad! 

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Check back often as this page is continually updated as I become aware of all the latest scams, shams, and cons.



For the last 25 years I have watched many methods come and go as people attempt to invent new ways to defeat the income tax.  The income tax is very complex and it is taking half of the wealth of the middle class.  There are all kinds of charlatans on the Internet who sell absolute legal gibberish to the people. 

  • There are people that argue they don’t have to pay taxes because they are not citizens of the United States since they are citizens of their state. 
  • They argue that they do not have to pay taxes because the OMB Number for the 1040 Form is the wrong OMB Number.
  • They argue they don’t have to pay taxes because Section 861 of the Internal Revenue Code stands for the proposition that they do not have to pay taxes. 

  • They argue that wages are not income and that the 16th Amendment was not ratified in spite of the fact that three Courts of Appeals have taken the position that it was ratified.   (Although Bill Benson did excellent research on this issue, the courts have soundly rejected it to date.) 

  • They argue that they don’t have to pay income taxes because some guru has informed them that the codes on their Individual Master File show they don’t have to pay taxes, and the list goes on and on.

  • Some charlatans advise clients to set up a “business” trust that is a “pure” or “common law” trust.  They advise clients that these trusts don’t have to pay taxes.  There is no law that supports their contention.  Their clients are left hanging out to dry and are forced to pay back taxes plus horrendous interest and penalties.

    The charlatans advise individuals to file exempt W-4 Forms or to inflate withholding or to send magic letters to the employers that will stop withholding. The charlatans mislead the people and do not tell them that the IRS can make an assessment against them under 26 USC 6020(b) and then collect against them.  The charlatans advise people to file claims for a refund arguing their many issues and sometimes the IRS gives refunds.  The IRS then later proceeds against their victims civilly and garnishes wages and in some cases the IRS proceeds criminally.  Individuals who have filed exempt W-4 forms and (or) zero tax returns have been indicted, many have lost property and wages.  The filing of exempt W-4 forms has resulted in divorce and suicide.  You are dealing with a very nasty agency, the IRS.  The IRS has tremendous draconian power.  It pays no attention to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  If you want to take on the IRS, you had better have more in your arsenal than a silver bullet package from a conman.

    The IRS is gearing up for a big push against the people in the future but the conmen on the Internet are thriving and growing.  Here is how it works.  Some guy sets up a website and he promotes his idea of how to get out of taxes.  He develops a theory based on his alleged understanding of some statute or procedure.  Then he puts together a great website and sits by the phone.  People are cruising the Internet and they see his site.  They are attracted because they see an easy way to get out of paying taxes.  So the conman and the victim meet and the conman spouts his stuff.   It sounds good to the victim because he knows nothing about tax law (neither does the conman, by the way), and the conman tells the victim everything he wants to hear.   So, the victim buys a magic packet with letters and all kinds of great stuff to send off to the IRS. 

    Now every once in a while, a conman attracts another conman.  The new conman decides that this is a great way to make money.  All he has to do is tell people what they want to hear.  Everyone hates taxes.  So the new conman buys the package from the first conman and then he modifies it.  He scans it into his computer and moves around stuff and adds graphics and changes some stuff and prints it all up.  Then he puts up a website and he sells his magic.  Most of these packages sell for several thousand dollars. 

    These conmen are very creative and some are unbelievably successful.  The IRS will pursue the conmen and every once in a while they will bust one and cart him off to the federal pen for a few years.  But there are always new conmen ready to make a fast easy buck off the greed of the suckers that roam the Internet.  The information of the deflated conman will soon be regurgitated into another website and another packet and a new conman will sell his gibberish to new suckers.

    Some conmen have no limits to their cons.  They will not only help you file an exempt or inflated W-4 and get back all your money from the IRS with zero tax returns, but they will invest your money for you in foreign banks and they will pay you 200 percent interest per year.  Of course anyone dumb enough to believe that there is a magic letter that he can send to the IRS that will defeat the most powerful agency in the most powerful country in the history of the world is probably stupid enough to send thousands of dollars to a “bank” in an unstable third world country that pays 200 percent interest a year.  These poor suckers are going to lose all their money and then owe thousands of dollars to the IRS. 

    If someone tells you to file an exempt W-4 or a zero tax return or tells you that you can set up a trust to avoid taxes, that person is a conman. Click here to return to the top of this page.

    If you have gotten yourself in to trouble by listening to a conman's advice or are considering taking the advice of a conman, talk to Bill first. (303) 455-0837 OR send and e-mail.



Bill Conklin
3296 Raleigh St.
Denver, Colorado 80212
You can call Bill at (303) 455-0837; or FAX him at (303) 480-1799. If you have IRS hassles, call Bill Conklin. He specializes in the removal of IRS wage levies.


What about IRS "Offers in Compromise"?

Warning: If someone on the internet claims that he can get you out of your back taxes for pennies on the dollar, be sure that he has done a complete financial analysis of your situation before he makes that statement. If you file an offer in compromise and it is rejected, the statute of limitations on collections will be extended. The offer in compromise also plays havoc with  the bankruptcy statutes.

This is a new scam
on the internet. Some unscrupulous accountants, attorneys and CPAs are taking advantage of individuals who owe a lot of money to the IRS. It is a fact that the IRS has an offer in compromise program and sometimes the IRS will settle for pennies on the dollar. However, if individuals have any assets or disposable income, the IRS probably will not settle for pennies on the dollar.

These unscrupulous individuals charge thousands of dollars to do offers in compromise for individuals. They claim that the offer in compromise will be accepted for pennies on the dollar and they tell their customers exactly what the customers want to hear without a reasonable analysis of the client's financial situation. The unscrupulous professionals then send in an unreasonably low offer in compromise to the IRS to make their client happy. The IRS rejects the offer in compromise and the client is left in a mess. The unscrupulous professional walks away with his fee of many thousands of dollars.

Don't believe anything that sounds too good to be true.

Well Done!! You've made it through a crash course in Fraud 101. You are now ready to get your tax problem under control. Contact Bill, it's the right way to start.

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Peymon Mottahedeh
Peymon is currently advertising (May 2013)  that he has success in stopping liens and getting refunds by challenging IRS procedures in due process appeals.  Yes, it is possible to win these issues from time to time because the IRS makes procedural errors.  However, for every case that trips the IRS up, there are many other cases that do not have a valid issue.  The main problem with using this approach is that the IRS is not prohibited from issuing a new Notice of Deficiency or a new levy.  Even though the IRS may have to refund money because of an issue that Peymon raises, the IRS can later redo the procedure, especially in the case of a non-filer, and collect the tax again with interest and penalties.  Furthermore, the IRS can continue on subsequent years to attack the individual using proper procedures.  The techniques that Peymon uses, even though they may appear to be victories, do not offer a solution to the problem. In the long run, the individual  can be attacked again for the same issue with the proper procedure.  Peymon either does not understand this problem or he deliberately misleads people.  


This is Peymon Mottahedeh of Freedom Law School,
which I have renamed Scams R Us.
This man is especially dangerous because
he is very charismatic when he speaks.
Freedom Law School is not a law school,
and it will definitely not make you free.
Peymon is the number 1 fraudster.

     Peymon is now sporting his newest victory.  He apparently won a victory for a fellow in a due process hearing.  The IRS made a procedural mistake and the IRS will refund his money.  However, what Peymon doesn’t understand is that if the fellow has not filed a return, there is no statute of limitations on assessment.  Also, since the IRS apparently had issued a Notice of Deficiency, the IRS can refund the money and then correct its procedural error and levy the money back it gave to Peymon’s poor victim.  The IRS will get interest on the money, so refunding it is no problem.  The question is:  Does Peymon really believe he has helped this fellow or is he broadcasting his “victory” and not telling the whole story so that he can dupe more innocent victims? 

     Another one of Peymon’s claims is that the IRS dropped an “abusive tax shelter investigation” against him.  He claims this as a victory.  Quite frankly the probable reason the investigation was dropped was because his case was switched to the Criminal Investigation Division and they are going after Peymon for something much nastier than a civil penalty for running an abusive tax shelter.  Furthermore, if you are signed up for Peymon’s next conference, (2007) don’t let the hotel know that you are with his conference.  The IRS has ordered the hotel to give a list of participants and the hotel will comply.  Once the IRS gets the list of participants, it will run a search for tax return information and will attack everyone on the list.  If you don’t believe me, register at the hotel as a workshop participant and see what happens.


Peymon the fraudster

Peymon, of “Freedom Law School” tells individuals incredible stories about tax law to get their business.  Let’s look at some of his delusions which sound great coming from the mouth of a charismatic guy without a conscience. 
1.  He tells people that he can delay their case for up to five years and that the IRS will lose their records.
2.  He also tells people that he can file a tax court petition for them and prevent the government from entering their income records into evidence in the trial.
3. Furthermore, he advertises on his website that he can make you free of income taxes.  He writes to the IRS for people after he takes their power of attorney.
4. He has bragged that he has beaten the IRS because the IRS dropped a summons when he filed suit against the agency. 

Let’s look at each of these claims:

1.  It is true that Peymon can delay your case by filing a tax court petition and arguing the silly arguments he argues.  It is unlikely he will get a five year delay. However there is a good chance you will get a $25,000 fine and virtually no chance his arguments will win.  If it were that easy to beat the IRS in Tax Court in a challenge to a deficiency notice or a due process hearing regarding a wage levy, the tax system would have disappeared or the law would have been changed, long before Peymon started spouting his theories.

2.  If this were really true, the income tax system would be unenforceable.  Do you really think that the IRS is so impotent and the courts are so weak and against the government that they would allow the government to lose on the issue of allowing income records into evidence?
3.  If you follow Peymon’s advice and the advice of other conmen like him, the IRS will eventually garnish your wages and Peymon won’t be able to help you.  Peymon’s power of attorney is not recognized by the IRS because he is not a lawyer, an enrolled agent, or a CPA.  Once the IRS sees documents coming to them with Peymon’s power of attorney, the agency will immediately know that you are associated with him.  If you have filed an exempt W-4 Form with your employer, your case could be referred to the Criminal Investigation Division.
4.  It is true that the IRS dropped a summons after the agency was sued by Peymon.  However, the IRS agent made a mistake by issuing a summons.  He did not have to issue a summons to get records from the hotel, because the hotel is not a “third-party record keeper.” Peymon is under criminal investigation.  The IRS asked the hotel where he holds meetings to give them a list of all the participants in his meeting.  The hotel will comply.  The fact that Peymon doesn’t seem to understand this issue and broadcasts to the public that he beat the IRS on a summons shows either his willingness to lie to the public or his simplistic misunderstanding of tax law.
5.  Peymon's newest claims to fame( May 2013) are  his victories in tax court and due process hearings regarding IRS procedures.  The IRS makes procedural mistakes and you can definitely beat the agency from time to time on these issues.  However, be warned, if you defeat the IRS on a procedural mistake and you have not filed a return, the statute of limitations on assessment does not apply, so the IRS can do the procedure over and do it right.  The IRS, for example, can issue a new Statutory Notice of Deficiency to the correct address.  If Peymon has won a due process issue for you, there is a very good chance the IRS will do it over and do it right and you will get hammered the second time.  Did Peymon tell you that?
The moral of this story is:  Do not follow the advice of someone who tells you exactly what you want to hear.  A conman will tell you what you want to hear and he will guarantee that what he tells you is true.  It won’t help to ask for a guarantee from the conman even though it makes you feel better.  Hang in there and don’t believe stories that sound too good to be true.

If it sounds too good to be true then it's a lie.





One day I was speaking on a radio talk show and an attorney called in and asked me about the United States v. Sullivan, 74 U.S. 259 (1926) case relating to the filing of tax returns.  He said that Sullivan says that you have to file and take the Fifth Amendment on the return and that you cannot refuse to file a return.  You have to put down the amount you made but you don’t have to say how you made it.

Well, the guy is right – under the old tax law. You see, many years ago, the Sullivan case decided just that.  The Supreme Court in Sullivan simply danced around the fifth amendment issue to protect the income tax system.  In those days, you could admit to having made a specific amount of money without waiving your Fifth Amendment Rights because the Fifth Amendment applied to records and testimony.

However, under the current law created in the middle 80’s, United States v. Doe, 104 S. CT. 1237 (1984), you waive your Fifth Amendment rights as to your records if you admit to having records.  The Supreme Court ruled that the Fifth Amendment applies only to testimony and not records.

So under the current law, if you file a return and admit to having records, you waive your Fifth Amendment Rights.  Under the old rules, you did not waive your rights because records were protected under the Fifth Amendment.

So Sullivan no longer applies. 

Furthermore, Sullivan stated that you could not refuse to file a return because of the Fifth Amendment. That is why I suggest that individuals give their power of attorney to the IRS to file returns for them.  The IRS clearly has the statutory authority to file returns for individuals under 26 USC 6020(b).  It is not a legally invalid position to give the IRS attorneys the power of attorney to sign a return that the IRS is empowered to file by statute. If you give the government attorneys the power of attorney to do something for you, you are not refusing to do it!

When I explained my position to the attorney, he loved it and thought it was a brilliant way to point out the problems with the filing “requirement.” 

Of course this explains why the IRS refers to the filing of returns as voluntary in their Internal Revenue Manual.




A Word of Praise, A Word of Caution

Bill Benson has done some great research on the 16th Amendment. His conclusions are set forth in his thoroughly researched work The Law That Never Was
: the amendment was never properly ratified and the federal personal income tax remains unconstitutional because being a direct tax, the personal income tax violates the apportionment clause of Article 1, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution.

This has resulted in one of those "good news, bad news" situations. The bad news is that Bill's research has been rejected by the Courts of Appeals.

The good news is that Bill Benson, through his pro se lawsuits with The Wallace Institute, Devvy Kidd and Larry Becraft is working to change this, I am happy to say, by sponsoring litigation to lay the issue of the fraudulent ratification of the 16th Amendment before the state courts in Oklahoma, Kentucky, and California.

In my opinion, until such time as The Wallace Institute's legal efforts are successful, extreme caution must be used when putting forth the 16th Amendment as a valid defense.

In United States of America v. LeLand G. Stahl, 792 F.2d 1438 (9th Circuit, 1986), the court stated "We conclude that the Secretary of State's certification under authority of Congress that the sixteenth amendment has been ratified by the requisite number of states and has become part of the Constitution is conclusive upon the courts."  In the case of Marvin Miller v. United States of America, 868 F.2d 236 (7th Circuit, 1988), the court stated that the Solicitor advised the Secretary "that he was authorized to declare the amendment adopted. The Secretary did so... [and his] decision is now beyond review."

Anyone who advises individuals to file  exempt W-4s because the Sixteenth Amendment was not ratified is ignoring the Courts of Appeals and is a con man.  The IRS can and will garnish your wages and may proceed criminally. Be advised that exempt W-4 forms are very dangerous.  We have NEVER advocated using them.

The IRS and the Courts take the position that the 16th Amendment was ratified in spite of the excellent research of Mr. Benson.  Currently "Judge" Rizzo and Global Prosperity are charging thousands of dollars for a "millennium packet."  The packet has no value whatsoever because the argument has been rejected by the courts of appeals.  Any money you pay for this packet is a waste.  Please look before you leap and realize there are no silver bullets.

Attorney Larry Becraft is continuing to pursue the 16th Amendment argument in the state courts.  Please check his website by clicking the link provided here for Larry's latest updates.